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Of Serbian descent, Croatian-born Zoran has called London, Toronto, Milan, Zagreb, and Montreal home over the years. Currently based in New York City, Zoran absorbs multicultural influences, translating them into fashion. His design background comes from Europe’s leading fashion design schools: Instituto Marangoni in Milan, and London College of Fashion, University of the Arts in London UK where Zoran has earned his Master of Arts Degree.


Zoran’s work has been published in magazines and books from the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Kuwait, Japan, Canada and China. The world-renowned fashion journalist Jeanne Becker praised Zoran’s work on Fashion Television for its artistry and edginess. Zoran’s work was also featured in group exhibitions in London UK at prestigious Victoria House UAL Exhibition (2013), and at Sex and Death exhibition in Covent Garden (2012).


In 2009, Al Sabah Gallery in Kuwait City featured an exhibit of Zoran’s art and fashion as well as an exclusive collection commissioned by Sheikh Majed Al Sabah. Zoran Dobric has recently won the London based Shaftesbury Award for emerging designers, and was featured in a pop-up shop / exhibition in London UK in July 2013.


The designer creates original textiles using digital print as well as artisanal techniques such as screen-printing, block printing, embroidery, shibori pleating, batik, and hand painting. The art, folklore, and culture inspired exclusive original textiles come to life in innovative, yet wearable silhouettes. Eastern aesthetics, Balkan intensity, North American nonchalance and western couture techniques converge in his unique and timeless collection offering women an individualistic and creative expression.





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