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SS18  United Nations


This SS18 Collection celebrates multiculturalism and diversity.  The melting pot of Canada has always been welcoming to immigrants, including myself.  

I dedicate this collection to all of the strong immigrant women in my life, and wish to contribute this visual journey to fight xenophobia and celebrate openness to other cultures. With a strong interest in anthropology and ethnography, I am fascinated by the evolution and influences between cultures, which result in many common elements.  


My central European heritage converges with African, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences in this collection.  This collaboration of influences produced original textile prints, details, and silhouettes that pay homage to diverse folklore and art traditions.  While providing unique and artistic wardrobe options to women, the collection is irreverent, youthful and celebratory. At a time when we celebrate the 150th birthday of our nation, this collection is a visual tribute to the thing I love and celebrate most about Canada: Multiculturalism. It’s an extended arm of friendship, a nod to our common roots, a call for the nations to unite.


Toronto Women's Fashion Week

Photography: Louise Yu,

Bags: Susana Erazo, HIDE Boutique

Shoes: Town Shoes  

Socks: McGregor

Models: Brynne, Sydnee (Plutino), Djamila, Nini (AMTI), Natalia, Zoe (Seven Models), Dani, Lexi, Katrina (Morgan), Jayne (Anita Norris), Judith, Layla, Deneen (Orange Models).

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