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London UK,  May 15 - June 5th, 2012


Among others, vintage Chanel Couture from Liberty London and Vivienne Westwood creations were exhibited alongside exclusive capsule collection by Zoran Dobric in Convent Garden London in the Exhibition entitled Sex and Death. 


Sex and Death features collections of ceramics, jewelry, textiles, sculpture, printmaking and paintings displayed and sold alongside unique and coveted fashion and furniture pieces.  The event also featured installations by Petra Storrs, and edgy set and costume designer whose clients include Lady Gaga, Florence  and the Machine and Vogue.


Contemporary works by artists such as Grayson Perry were shown alongside ancient objects, exploring a range of themes connected with notions of sexuality, fertility andthe afterlife. The Sex and Death project is a collaboration between avante garde arts and design curators Guts for Garters and Fox & Squirrel, who are known for their eye for hidden treasures discovered through their popular arts, fashion and vintage lifestyle walks and events.


Zoran Dobric capsule collection is designed exclusively for this event and features hand painted pieces on this theme. “My concept was to show stylized, abstracted bodies in a metamorphosis between sex and death, on a Byzantine gold background. The pieces in lace print and beading evoke the mourning attire of a bygone age and histology.

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