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The Corporeal Flux collection by Zoran Dobric is informed by his refugee experience in the ‘90s during the war in the former Yugoslavia. The traumatic memories of war and displacement are expressed through hand-painted abstracted morphing bodies and gold elements that reflect the Byzantine icons and Baroque gilt of Zoran’s youth: an intimate ethnography offering space for mourning and healing through wearable art.


The original hand-painting is digitally manipulated to create unique prints which are combined with embroidered lace and cotton shirting.  Hand-molded gold clay elements and hand-stitched cording add an artisanal feel to the collection.


The photography, realized in collaboration with Stephen Severn, presents a ghostly shifting image of haunting memories and elusive self-realization. The artists’ collaboration over many years has provided a sense of belonging, building positive narratives from traumatic experiences.


The hand-painted Corporeal Flux dress (worn by the male model) was shown this March in a London UK exhibition at The University of the Arts London AoCA‘s  “Diaspora and Belonging Exhibition”.  This art exhibition featured a variety of curated works on the theme of diaspora and belonging.  


Photography: Stephen Severn @stephensevern

Models:  Sam Wiesner  @samwiesner @elitetoronto  Vasyl @is.vasyl  @elitetoronto 

Art Direction: Stephen Severn @stephensevern

Mua: Judith Parrish @judithparrishto

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