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Designer statement:


This collection celebrates the Beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  At odds with western concepts, Wabi Sabi beauty is found in aging, wrinkles on the body, impermanence: the state of flux. This outlook is quite liberating when confronted with the homogenized and rigid concept of beauty in the west, which revolves around futile and often grotesque pursuit of youth, perfection, permanence, and control.


The Flux collection celebrates these Wabi Sabi concepts by expressing them through textiles.  Original paintings created by scraping and overlapping paint resemble wrinkles on the face, or the aged skin of landscapes. Collages created by wrinkling and crumpling of paper, haphazard ripping and cutting are overlaid with textured and scraped paint celebrating imperfections, impermanence, and chance.


These original artworks by the designer are scanned and developed into digital prints on textiles.  Silk crepe and jerseys offer a soft, drapey look, while bonded jersey and printed cottons add structured volume to the silhouettes, which are treated as art canvases. Metallic embroidery adds tactile texture and resembles aged skin or microscopic landscapes.  




Paola Rodriguez | Moorwosh


Wholesale Development Consultant


7, rue du Mont Thabor 75001 Paris


+ 33 6 64 77 21 57


Photography: Peter Balinski, 


Art Director: Stephen Severn ,


Models: Alisa,,


Hair and makeup:  Maggie Ng,  




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