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The Spring Summer 2020 collection was inspired by the revolutionary Dadaist female artists of early 20th century. Collages by Hannah Hoch and Claude Cahun inspire the trompe l'oeil nature of original textile designs created by Zoran. The surreal landscapes and juxtaposition of textures question our perception of real and imaginary, analog and digital.  Originally, Dada art was a reaction to an absurd political climate of the time; reviving this revolt commemorates our own haphazard times. In addition to art-inspired prints and volume play,  the collection  also features hand-dyed silk organza pieces with pleated panels.  Special thanks to Epson for sponsoring digital printing services.

Look Book Credits:

Photography: Peter Balinski,

Art direction: Stephen Severn

Model: Summer, Elite Model Management Toronto:

Mua: Joy Campbell Smith

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