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Zoran Dobric F|W 17|18 collection celebrates transhumanism, mutation, anatomy, transgenesis, and modern medicine. At a time when human organs can be 3d printed, the collection also commemorates 200 years from the inception of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which anticipated the advances and ethical dilemmas of modern science and medicine. Laser cutting in original textiles evoke surgeries and organic forms, while morphing musculature prints suggest transgenesis and mutation.


The collection celebrates the evolution of the human body and brings to light the ethical and aesthetic questions we face. Laser cutting technology was provided by Trotec Canada, the world leader in producing engraving and laser cutting machines.  The materials used are silk and wool including some technical fabrics.  The collection also features a handbag collaboration with Susana Erazo of Hide Boutique.  The collection was shown at Tonronto Women's Fashion Week in March 2017.

Special thanks to the sponsor: Trotec Canada

Stylist: Marek Matwiejczuk

Show Models: Naro, Venus (Next), Chloe, May, Una, Katie (Plutino), Chloe, Simone (B&M), Stephanie (Anita Norris), Katrina, Charlotte (Morgan), Jordan, Cleo, Emily (Angie’s AMTI), Alisa E., Ashley. 

Photographer: Peter Balinski

Shoes: Town Shoes

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